O U R   C A U S E

The Good Karma Food Truck aims to create an oasis for people to take a minute out of their day to fill themselves with good energy and spirit. We want that experience to happen over a cup of coffee - a fairly traded organic coffee that we take very seriously. 


The name Good Karma comes from our belief that every moment returns to us in a similar way, so good intentions and interactions with everyone we come across will bring us all a happier future.

We are a complete specialty coffee service. With Good Karma you
are guaranteed to offer a unique experience. 

How we work

> At Good Karma every relationship is based on kindness. We strongly believe that the best way to live is to be kind to ourselves and to others. We work together with our suppliers and customers with a pleasant disposition and always try to turn up with a positive attitude. 

> To ensure that our customers have a unique coffee experience, enjoying every sip of their cup,  we only use premium ingredients.

> We strive to make our business sustainable and to meet the triple bottom line. Our focus is to have a positive impact on the environment, our community and the economy.

> We care about your health us much as we do about the earth's - that is why we work with organic products.


As Karma believers we believe that you get what you give and this includes the soil. The love you give to the soil is the love you receive from it, so the more you care and the more considerate you are with it lives on through to the final product.

O U R   P E O P L E


He believes it is all about connection - with people, with places, with oneself - and thinks coffee creates the space and time for that connection to happen.


Methodist and pursuer of perfection, looking for improvements at every attempt. For him it’s all about balance, if you want to get the best, you must give your biggest effort.